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Client’s Problem Statement
One of the largest consulting service providers was trying to understand the ecosystem of TMS software and service providers. The company also wanted to understand the growth pattern of TMS in India, UK, Germany, US, and Brazil.

MnM Approach
Market sizing and five-year forecast of all technology solutions such as traffic management, scheduling, and predictive maintenance were provided along with the growth rates for the assessment of opportunities. In addition, the impact of new technologies such as IoT, AI, and analytics was presented to emphasize the role of technology vendors in the ecosystem. Also, region-wise analysis on the adoption of solutions and services was provided. In addition, the growth pattern at the country-level for these regions was provided.

Revenue Impact (RI)
Based on our research findings, the company gained greater insights about the transportation management market in the target geographies and helped tap opportunities worth ~USD 7 million during the next five years through multiple projects in the said geographies.

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