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Problem statement
3D printing companies are keen to build a substantive business for 3D printing materials in markets that they cater to; this is on account of increased demand from the automotive and healthcare industries. The regulatory policy related to used materials and requirements of high-end technologies are the key challenges for 3D printing materials suppliers. Additionally, the high cost of metals leads to additional hurdles in manufacturing.

MnM Approach
MNM interviewed a host of market players, distributors, and dealers in key countries to understand the competitive scenario. MNM assisted the client with an outside-in perspective by country and helped gauge market dynamics.  MNM helped the client with the breadth and depth of product offerings, industry coverage, and geographical presence.  MNM also helped them better understand the competitive landscape, varying business models & strategies of different players to win in these markets. This helped them devise a differentiated product offering. MnM has vast coverage on adjacent and connected markets like industrial 3D printing and the global 3D printing market, which helped in deriving the growth at which the market will grow in the country.This will have an impact of around USD 25 million on their revenue over next five years.

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