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Client’s Problem Statement:
The client was keen to know the market share of crowdsourced security in multiple countries due to the rising business potential in the cybersecurity market, namely, in Chile, Colombia, Oman, and Malaysia. The senior management wanted to identify the opportunities of crowdsourced security as a market in these countries to assess the crowdsourced security market at a global level.

MNM Approach:

MNM identified the trends of growth in the crowdsourced security market in various countries, namely, Chile, Colombia, Oman, and Malaysia. It helped the client gain a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape and the factors leading to the growth of the crowdsourced security market in these countries. MNM also analyzed the growth potential of the cybersecurity market to evaluate the rise in demand for crowdsourced security at a global level. .

MNM helped the client identify and access the market potential and high-impact use cases for tapping into the crowdsourced security market in Chile, Colombia, Oman, and Malaysia. Furthermore, MNM also helped the client better understand the competitive landscape, varying business models, and strategies followed by crowdsourced security solution providers present in these countries. The client devised a differentiated strategy which it forged to be able to tap the global crowdsourced security market successfully.

Revenue Impact (RI):

MNM’s work resulted in the client tapping into a ~ USD 90 million market with projected revenue of ~USD 5 million in the next 5 years.

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