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Revenue shifts of your clients:  MnM identified that the increasing share of renewable energy in the power generation mix, the shift from centralized to Distributed Generation, and lowering costs for solar and Energy Storage are driving the market growth for VPP. Renewable energy sources such as small hydropower, Solar PV, and Small Wind coupled with other sources such as Micro CHP and Fuel Cells form an integral part of distributed generation-based VPP.

Interconnection: The potential customers in VPP are experiencing changing revenue mix with new sources such as geospatial solutions, geographic information systems, and electric charging stations which have high growth potential in the VPP market. Offering smart solutions to these interconnected markets will lead to additional revenue sources for VPP solutions providers.

Unknown: Electric vehicles are expected to play an important role in future power systems owing to their energy storage capabilities. The demand for electric vehicles is expected to grow in countries such as India, Canada, UK, Brazil, and among others in near future. The rising demand for electric vehicles coupled with the integration of plug-in electric vehicles into the grid, provides promising growth opportunities for the virtual power plant market.

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