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Revenue shifts of your clients: The operations of distribution utilities are transforming due to technological advancements pertaining to distribution automation, which is improving service reliability and operational efficiency. Distribution automation helps in improving fault location isolation and service restoration (FLISR) capabilities, resulting in lower outage cost, reduced equipment failure, and inconveniences to consumers. Distribution automation includes improved voltage control, reduced human intervention, improved distribution systems resilience for better management of distribution system.

Unknown: Wireless-based Radiofrequency mesh technology which is an intelligent mesh network offering high bandwidth, minimal latency, and end-to-end security is going to drive the wireless technology in the distribution automation space in the future with the expected opportunity of USD 3.6 Bn and CAGR>8.5%.

Interconnections: MNM also foresees that potential customers in the distribution utility sector are experiencing changing revenue mix with new sources such as Virtual Power Plant, Self-healing grids, and microgrids, etc. These will create new revenue sources for our client.

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