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YC shift: Historically, small molecules have contributed a major share of the revenues of pharma QC testing consumables companies. However, MNM research showed that the future of this market is pivoting towards vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and other large molecules. High production volume of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and other pharmaceuticals across the globe will lead to greater adoption of pharma QC testing consumables. Further, the increasing trend of outsourcing research & manufacturing activities to CROs and CMOs/ CDMOs will also gradually augment market growth.

Interconnections: Single-use technology products are associated with several advantages such as the faster implementation of manufacturing operations, enhanced sterility assurance, reduction in overall operation costs, etc. – making it attractive for the client.

Unknown: Third-party testing laboratories currently close to $316 Mn is a niche but steadily growing business segment competing against CMOs/ CDMOs – making it a lucrative segment for the client.

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