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  • Grand Hyatt
  • Mumbai
  • Thursday, June 8, 2017
  • 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

  • Shiladitya Chaterji
    Senior Research Analyst, Information and Communication Technology

The exponential surge in data sets from various sources, which are critical for numerous business functions, has surpassed the capacity of data scientists’ to analyse it quickly with high precision. As a result, with increasing capabilities of AI platforms, which are both scalable and extremely accurate in terms of data prep and corresponding analytics based solution, have enabled automating processes involving Data Science. Some of the emerging application areas include risk analytics, and other predictive and prescriptive analytics for BI tools used across various industries.

Global banks are increasingly implementing AI-technology to create a competitive digital footprint in the current digital era. AI based technologies are set to offer the BFSI sector significant opportunities for boosting their operational effectiveness based on consumer patterns including habits, behavioural characteristics and financial needs, to customise and anticipate each user’s unique and evolving requirements.

Razorthink is organizing the DeepThink 2017 Summit where CIOs, CTOs and leaders in the BFSI industry will discover how deep learning AI powers new customer insights never before possible. MarketsandMarkets is proud to be a Knowledge Partner at the summit where Shiladitya Chaterji, Senior Research Analyst, Information and Communication Technology will speak on "Superintelligence for Banking and Financial Enterprises"

Specific insights you will get from Shiladitya’s session:

  1. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ecosystem
  2. Market Dynamics of AI in the Banking Sector – Key Drivers & Challenges
  3. Technology Insights and the associated growth opportunities across - deep learning, predictive analytics and other areas
  4. Case Studies around Fraud Detection, Access Control, Customer Churn and Block Chain
  5. A peek into the major players
  6. Key takeaways and the future outlook.

You can request for an invitation here to secure your participation at the event. To get more insights or arrange a 1:1 meeting with Shiladitya, write to [email protected].

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