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  • Webinar
  • Online
  • Wednesday, June 21, 2017
  • 11:00 am to 12:00 pm (EST)

  • Jagdish Rebello PhD
    Global Vice President, Semiconductor and Electronics
  • Atul Srivastava
    Principal Analyst, Semiconductor and Electronics
  • Nitish Pande
    Analyst, Semiconductor and Electronics

The Industrial Revolution of the 18th century began the phenomenon of mass production and consumption, and significantly modernized the industrial automation sector. The sole objective of this modernization was to achieve better productivity and optimization of resources. In order to achieve optimization in resource utilization, valves play an important role. Wireless monitoring and predictive analytics are some of the major happenings in industrial valve arena. However, this market is also witnessing some challenges such as - lead time management, selection of right business partner, CAPEX and OPEX management, project downtime, etc.

MarketsandMarkets is delighted to invite you to a webinar titled the "Global Trends and Pain Points in the Industrial Valves Market", which will be hosted on June 21, 2017 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm (EST). Please join our experts – Jagdish Rebello, Global Vice President, Atul Srivastava, Principal Analyst and Nitish Pande, Analyst with our Electronics & Semiconductors Practice as they discuss the critical pain points and the future outlook of valves industry.

Specific insights you will get:

  1. What are the current trends in the Industrial Valve Industry?
  2. What are the pain points that are challenging the valve industry players?
  3. Which are the high growth potential applications that are exciting global market players and influencing their strategies?
  4. How will IoT Impact the industrial valves market in next 5 years?
  5. Where is the market heading towards in coming years?
  6. What are the key recent developments and their impacts on industrial valve market?

Register now and get an opportunity to learn from leading industry analysts. The event would be concluded by a one-on-one Q&A with our experts.

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