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Top Smart Agriculture Companies, Leading the Future of Industry 2024

Authored by Shweta Surender, MarketsandMarkets, 19 Jan 2024



The smart agriculture market is on the rise, projected to reach USD 25.4 billion by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4% from 2023 to 2028. This growth can be attributed to the increasing adoption of cutting-edge technologies and the rise in global plant-based and meat consumption.

Key Players in the Smart Agriculture Market

Several key players are driving innovation and growth in the smart agriculture market. These companies have adopted various strategies to expand their presence globally and increase their market shares. Let's take a closer look at some of the prominent players in this industry.

1. Deere & Company: Leading the Way in Precision Farming

Deere & Company, popularly known as John Deere, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of agriculture and construction products, solutions, and services. The company has a strong product portfolio of precision farming and precision forestry solutions, backed by a well-established distribution network, making it a market leader. Deere & Company's commitment to innovation has enabled them to stay at the forefront of the smart agriculture industry. They have consistently invested in research and development to develop cutting-edge technologies that cater to the evolving needs of farmers worldwide.

2. Trimble Inc.: Driving Sustainability in Agriculture

Trimble Inc. is a technology solutions provider that enables professionals and field mobile workers to improve their work processes and drive a more sustainable future. The company offers hardware, software, and services for precision farming and precision forestry applications. Their solutions empower farmers and advisors to allocate scarce resources efficiently, ensuring a safe and reliable food supply in a profitable and environmentally sustainable manner. With a wide range of product offerings, a strong customer base, and a global presence, Trimble Inc. continues to play a crucial role in advancing smart agriculture.

3. AGCO Corporation: Enhancing Productivity and Profitability

AGCO Corporation is a leading brand in the precision farming market, focusing on delivering the best agricultural solutions to its customers and helping them increase productivity and profitability. The company invests heavily in developing smart farming solutions, leading to the development of new products and technologies. AGCO Corporation offers numerous precision farming and livestock monitoring solutions that cover the entire crop life cycle, from planting to feeding, as well as climate control. Their commitment to innovation and customer-centric approach has positioned them as a key player in the smart agriculture industry.

4. Topcon Positioning Systems: Precision Farming and Beyond

Topcon Positioning Systems is a prominent player in the smart agriculture market, offering a broad portfolio of precision farming, precision forestry, and livestock monitoring solutions. The company's strong sales and distribution network focuses on regional coverage, driving demand for their products. Topcon Positioning Systems leverages its technical expertise, extensive distribution channel, local initiatives, and regional sales and marketing teams to cater to the specific needs of farmers around the world. Their commitment to precision and efficiency has made them a preferred choice for farmers seeking advanced agricultural technologies.

5. DeLaval: Revolutionizing Dairy Farming

DeLaval is a global provider of dairy farm technologies, offering a range of innovative products and solutions. The company generates a significant portion of its revenue from the Milking business segment and heavily relies on the EMEA region for revenue generation. With a strong brand name and global presence, DeLaval has established itself as a leader in the smart agriculture industry. Their focus on developing cutting-edge technologies for dairy farming has revolutionized the industry, making them a go-to choice for dairy farmers worldwide.

6. AKVA Group: Advancing Aquaculture Solutions

AKVA Group, based in Norway, is a key player in the smart agriculture market, specializing in aquaculture solutions. The company offers innovative technologies and services for fish farming, enabling sustainable and efficient aquaculture practices. With a strong focus on research and development, AKVA Group continues to introduce new solutions that address the challenges faced by the aquaculture industry. Their commitment to sustainability and technological advancements has positioned them as a leader in the smart agriculture sector.

7. Allflex Livestock Intelligence: Harnessing Data for Livestock Monitoring

Allflex Livestock Intelligence, based in the US, is a prominent player in the smart agriculture market, specializing in livestock monitoring solutions. The company harnesses data and advanced analytics to provide actionable insights for livestock management. Their innovative solutions help farmers optimize livestock health, improve productivity, and ensure animal welfare. Allflex Livestock Intelligence's dedication to leveraging technology for livestock monitoring has transformed the way farmers manage their herds.

8. Innovasea Systems Inc.: Advancing Aquaculture Technologies

Innovasea Systems Inc., based in the US, is a leading provider of aquaculture technologies and services. The company offers advanced solutions for fish farming, including real-time monitoring systems, feeding technologies, and environmental sensors. Innovasea Systems Inc. enables farmers to optimize their operations, improve productivity, and ensure sustainable aquaculture practices. With their focus on innovation and technology-driven solutions, they are shaping the future of the aquaculture industry.

9. Afimilk Ltd.: Empowering Dairy Farmers

Afimilk Ltd., based in Israel, is a renowned provider of dairy farm management solutions. The company offers a wide range of technologies and services for dairy farmers, including automated milking systems, cow monitoring, and farm management software. Afimilk Ltd. empowers dairy farmers by providing them with actionable insights and tools to optimize their operations, enhance milk quality, and improve animal welfare. Their commitment to supporting dairy farmers has made them a key player in the smart agriculture market.

10. Heliospectra AB: Illuminating the Future of Horticulture

Heliospectra AB, based in Sweden, specializes in horticultural lighting solutions for indoor farming and greenhouse cultivation. The company offers innovative LED lighting systems that enable precise control over light spectrum and intensity, optimizing plant growth and yield. Heliospectra AB's advanced lighting technologies are revolutionizing horticulture by providing growers with the ability to create ideal growing conditions for various crops. Their focus on energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solutions has positioned them as a leader in the smart agriculture industry.


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Driving Factors for Market Growth

The smart agriculture market is witnessing significant growth due to various factors. Let's explore the key drivers that are propelling the expansion of this industry.

1. Adoption of Cutting-Edge Technologies

The increasing adoption of cutting-edge technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and big data analytics, is revolutionizing the agricultural sector1. These technologies enable farmers to collect and analyze real-time data, monitor crop health, optimize resource utilization, and make informed decisions. The integration of advanced sensors, drones, and autonomous machinery further enhances the efficiency and precision of farming operations.

2. Rise in Global Plant-Based and Meat Consumption

The rising global demand for plant-based products and meat consumption is driving the need for increased agricultural productivity1. Smart agriculture solutions enable farmers to optimize crop yields, reduce waste, and ensure the production of high-quality food. By leveraging technology, farmers can meet the growing demand while minimizing the environmental impact of farming practices.

3. Need for Resource Optimization

With limited land, water, and labor resources, optimizing resource utilization has become crucial for sustainable agriculture1. Smart agriculture solutions offer precise monitoring and control of water usage, fertilizer application, and pest management, resulting in reduced waste and improved resource efficiency. By optimizing resource allocation, farmers can maximize yields, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact.

Future Perspectives and Conclusion

The smart agriculture market presents significant opportunities for growth and innovation. As the global population continues to increase, the demand for food will rise, necessitating the adoption of advanced technologies and practices to meet the growing needs. Key players in the industry, such as Deere & Company, Trimble Inc., AGCO Corporation, Topcon Positioning Systems, and DeLaval, are at the forefront of driving this transformation.

The adoption of cutting-edge technologies, coupled with the rising demand for plant-based products and meat consumption, will continue to fuel the growth of the smart agriculture market. Resource optimization will also play a crucial role in shaping the future of agriculture, ensuring sustainable practices and efficient resource allocation.



The smart agriculture market is experiencing significant growth, driven by the increasing adoption of cutting-edge technologies and the rise in global plant-based and meat consumption.

Key players in the industry, such as Deere & Company, Trimble Inc., AGCO Corporation, Topcon Positioning Systems, DeLaval, AKVA Group, Allflex Livestock Intelligence, Innovasea Systems Inc., Afimilk Ltd., and Heliospectra AB, are shaping the future of smart agriculture with their innovative solutions and customer-centric approach.

By investing in research and development, these companies are driving sustainability, enhancing productivity, and revolutionizing farming practices across various sectors, from precision farming to aquaculture and indoor farming. As the smart agriculture market continues to evolve, these key players will play a critical role in shaping its future landscape.


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