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The future of hydrogen is here and now! Hydrogen holds immense potential to revolutionize industries and drive the transition to a carbon-neutral world.

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MarketsandMarkets™ predicts a landscape shift of $500 Bn due to this disruption, and we are here to help you navigate.
Harness the potential of hydrogen and propel your organization towards sustainable growth, enhanced competitiveness, and environmental stewardship.

Join us on this transformative journey and unleash the power of hydrogen for a brighter, greener future by crafting dynamic hydrogen strategies to thrive in the new energy landscape.

How things
evolved in

Green hydrogen production commercialization has opened up a $8 Bn opportunity

More than 30 countries released their H2 roadmaps

More than 200 projects were announced with US$ 70+ Bn public funding

Hydrogen Council membership grew from 60 to 100 in one year, and a 16-fold increase is expected through 2030

60% cost reduction in Green H2 production predicted by 2030

An optimistic scenario could lead to US$ 300+ Bn overall investment till 2030

Global macroeconomic factors led to shifts in localisation of sustainable energy carriers and evolutions of democratised energy

Hydrogen Ecosystem Overview

End to end vision and capabilities across upstream, midstream and downstream applications. Combining our expertise across 6+ industrial verticals from chemicals to automotive

Learn how your industry is likely to get impacted by the hydrogen
ecosystem and how you can opportune it for future growth

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Unveiling comprehensive market analysis and cutting-edge insights into the burgeoning world of hydrogen energy. Discover game-changing trends, business opportunities, and industry foresights in our press release today.

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How can MarketsandMarkets help?

We support clients throughout the hydrogen value chain utilising our comprehensive, cross industrial "Future of Hydrogen" working groups. This delivers insights, thought leadership and consulting support across upstream (blue hydrogen, carbon capture, electrolysis technologies), midstream (growth of onsite production, challenges in hydrogen transportation) or upstream (analysis across aviation, steel, semiconductor, chemical, automotive, shipping, and military applications) sectors of the value chain.

We cover this hydrogen ecosystem expansively and in real-time with our:

Here's how it works

Opportunity Prioritization (Attractiveness VS Right To Win) New Market Entry (Geographies, Customers, Technology, End Use Case/Industry) Competitive Analysis & Right to Win Voice Of Customers (Unmet Needs)
Customer Identification & Prioritization Voice Of Customer & Refine Value Proposition Competitive Anlysis (Right to Win) Partner Identification & Prioritization Pricing Strategy/Commercial Model M&A or Inorganic Growth
In-depth Competitive Insights & Quarterly Updates Voice Of Customer: Perception Of Client Vs Competitors
Account Iq - Executive Conversation And Demand Enablement Account Nudges (Connect IQ) Buying Centre Expansion : Unmet Needs and Share of Wallet Value Prop and Right to Win V/S Competitior
Thought Leadership Content For Campaigns (Whitepapers, Films) Events/Roadshows Account Based Marketing Sales Play/Sales Priority And Localisation Positioning And Differentiation Via 360 Quadrants

Opportunity prioritization (attractiveness vs right to win)

Competitive Analysis (Right to Win)

Voice of Customer: Perception of client vs competitors

Account Nudges (Connect IQ)


  • Hydrogen Upstream covers different technologies for production and storage of hydrogen.


  • Hydrogen Generation Market
  • Electrolyzer Market
  • Green Hydrogen Market
  • Blue Hydrogen Market
  • Hydrogen Energy Storage Market
  • Hydrogen Storage Tanks & Transportation Market
  • CNG, RNG, and Hydrogen Tanks Market
  • Power-to-gas Market
  • Hydrogen Storage Market
  • Carbon Nanotubes Market
  • Advanced Energy Storage Market


  • Liquid Hydrogen Storage Tanks and Transportation Market
  • Hydrogen Buffer Storage Tanks Market
  • Underground Hydrogen Storage Market
  • Green Hydrogen Energy Island Market
  • Power-to-X Market


  • Midstream study includes the coverage of long & short distance hydrogen transportation, conversion, and distribution.


  • Cryogenic Equipment Market
  • Pipeline Transportation Market
  • Green Energy Demand for Green Hydrogen
  • Cost of Green Energy in Hydrogen Economy
  • Production Economics of Green and Blue Hydrogen


  • Hydrogen Fueling Station Market
  • Hydrogen Liquefaction Market
  • Hydrogen Compressors Market
  • Hydrogen Purification Market
  • Hydrogen Pipeline Market
  • Hydrogen Trailer Market
  • Hydrogen Shipping Market
  • Hydrogen Valve Market
  • Distribution storage and management


  • Downstream study includes the coverage of all application industries for Hydrogen including Automotive, Industrial, Aerospace & Defense etc.


  • Hydrogen Aircraft Market
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel Market
  • Automotive Fuel Cell Market
  • Fuel Cell Powertrain Market
  • Low-Carbon Propulsion Market
  • Drone Battery Market
  • Robo-taxi Market
  • Fuel Cell Range Extender Market
  • Military Power Solutions Market
  • Aviation Fuel Market


  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Mining Equipment
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industrial Equipment (forklifts)
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Light CVs
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell long-haul/heavy trucks/transport
  • Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure - Trends and Opportunities
  • Future of Hydrogen in Sustainable Mobility

By establishing a tailored hydrogen strategy, organizations can position themselves as pioneers in their respective industries, capture new markets, and drive innovation while contributing to a cleaner and greener future.

Ready to unlock the transformative power of hydrogen? Contact us today to embark on a journey toward a sustainable future.

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