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Unlock Growth in the New Economy with Thought Leadership-based Demand Generation

In the dynamic B2B industry, leveraging the new economy's positioning is paramount for sustainable business growth. MarketsandMarkets is at the forefront of crafting pathways for businesses to thrive with our unique thought leadership-based demand generation (TLDG) approach.

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Key Insights for Transformational Growth

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4.6 billion pieces of content are produced daily. And in this sea of information, merely standing out is not enough.


A recent survey conducted by MarketsandMarkets-about 15,000 marketing leaders from VPs to CXOs who participated-suggests a staggering 83% of industry marketing leaders affirm the indispensable role of new economy positioning in augmenting B2B growth.

Our strategy ensures your message distinguishes itself and deeply engages and drives action.

Effective Demand Generation Assets

By leveraging events, webinars, whitepapers, and videos, we turn them into powerful tools for B2B demand generation, securing qualified leads and boosting your visibility and target market interaction.

Overcoming Content Creation Challenges

45% indicate the heightened difficulty of crafting distinctive, impactful content in the AI era, so adopting a meticulously crafted strategy is crucial for standing out.

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Revolutionary Strategy for Market Leadership

Innovative Market Evaluation Framework by MarketsandMarkets

Introducing our pioneering framework that integrates Industry IQ with insights into

Industry IQ


Connected Markets


B2B Companies


Micro Markets



Focused on market fit, content precision, outreach, and engagement, our strategy guarantees that your brand reaches and resonates with your audience.

Creating Impactful Narratives

We develop core content that captures your brand story and amplifies it across podcasts, webinars, events, and social media for maximum reach and engagement.

Strategic Insights from Global B2B CMOs

Insights from our conversations with worldwide B2B CMOs of Cisco, NTT Ltd, Datamatics, HCLSoftware, Hitatchi Vantara, GE Healthcare, Infosys, Apex Group, and more via CMO Talk Series, our thought leadership platform, reveal critical success elements, including:

  • Discontinuity as a strategic marketing opportunity
  • Optimizing sales as the most effective marketing channel
  • Digital for quarterbacking, not lead generation
  • Prioritizing customer insight-driven ABM
  • Thought leadership-driven demand
  • ICP (ideal customer profile) overqualification
  • Marketing as a P&L

These pillars form the foundation of our TLDG approach, positioning you as a frontrunner in the evolving economy.

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Transform Your B2B Strategy with Thought Leadership

Partner with MarketsandMarkets for a strategic, insight-driven approach that amplifies your brand, fosters demand and nurtures meaningful B2B relationships.

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Step into the future with MarketsandMarkets, where your brand doesn't just stand out-it leads.

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