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Identify emerging opportunities, anticipate risks, and create more informed and robust strategies with MarketsandMarkets

Foresight ≠ Forecasting

Foresight helps clients think more creatively and strategically about the long-term future by exploring the trends and issues shaping the future of their sectors and society more broadly.

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A systematic process for gathering future intelligence
Alternative futures
Creates robust strategies across a range of futures


Explore growth opportunities for your business

How we support our clients

At MarketsandMarkets, we believe every disruption is inherently a source of game-changing business opportunities. But how these disruptions impact companies is very context-specific. Foresight helps our clients understand how change will impact their industries and markets and how to position themselves best to capitalize on this change and achieve growth.

Future proof
your business

  • We support & help organisations evaluate the impact of these Trends to your business.
  • Define the opportunities, challenges and implications
  • Future proof your business through risk/uncertainty mitigation

Develop growth

  • Generate a pipe-line of long list of growth opportunities across your business
  • Prioritise high growth opportunities
  • Create business case for these growth opportunities and business case
  • Identify impact to your existing business and product/service portfolio

Define and create
new business models

  • Define new operating business model resulting from these Mega Trends e.g. Shift from CAPEX to OPEX model
  • Identify and construct the building blocks for the business models
  • Support in developing business and financial plan


  • Present your organisation as Industry Thought Leader leveraging our Foresighting assets
  • Develop marketing collateral like White Papers, Future of Industry events/videos

visionary leaders

  • MnM also supports leveraging trends to grow your human power and creating visionary leadership:
  • Helping leaders evaluate the future and the related opportunities
  • Developing a transformation plan
  • Leading change management of the organisation

Key Leaders of our Foresighting Group

Sarwant Singh

President and Chief Commercial Officer, London, UK

Sarwant has over 29 years' global work experience in management with a focus on forward-thinking strategic consulting & advisory services within growth sectors like Energy, Technology, Aerospace & Defence, Space and Mobility.

Sarwant is author of "New Mega Trends," a best seller in 30 countries and he has been a regular contributor to several leading publications, including Forbes.

Sarwant has worked with Boards and CXOs of large corporates, including PMO office in UK, to use Mega trends to shape corporate growth and future government policies.

Sarwant has a fun and interactive way of delivering Mega Trend speeches and strategy workshops.

Shwetha Surender

Vice President, Vertical Lead, Automotive, London, U.K.

Shwetha is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of expertise in market research, advisory services, and business development, specializing in the dynamic world of transportation. Her extensive experience spans a multitude of sectors within the automotive industry, including sustainable transportation, smart cities, micro-mobility, shared mobility, autonomous mobility, aftermarket, and retail.

Throughout her career, Shwetha has collaborated closely with senior leadership at OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and various key stakeholders within the automotive ecosystem. Her primary focus has been to assist these industry leaders in identifying and capitalizing on emerging opportunities within the automotive landscape. She is a recognized thought leader on smart mobility and the future of transportation with regular speaking and external media engagements. She has moderated panels and participated as a keynote speaker in conferences such as the Future of Transportation, IAA, the Smart Mobility Conference.

Lynne Goulding

Principal Consultant

Over 10 years of consulting experience, with a focus on foresight and trends analysis to help clients think strategically about their operating environments now and into the future.

  • Horizon scanning and trends analysis
  • Scenario planning
  • Visioning and strategy
  • Workshop facilitation and planning
  • Talks and presentations on foresight and sector trends

Strong foresight and trends analysis experience, focusing on the megatrends and emerging issues driving change in particular contexts and industries, including Urban Mobility, Cities/Smart Cities, Airports, Rail, Retail, Healthcare and Workplace.

Krishnan Chatterjee

Chief Operating Officer

Krishnan is a seasoned business leader and an expert with nearly 3-decades of experience in helping companies capitalize on upcoming disruptions and emerging revenue opportunities in order to accelerate growth and build market share.

He is known for creative breakthroughs in the functions he has led across organizations. Krishnan's last assignment was with SAP India, where he donned the dual hats of Head of Marketing and Chief Customer Officer. Krishnan also enjoys the privilege of being inducted into Paul Writer's CMO Hall of Fame.

He plays a vital role in enhancing and expanding the overall customer lifecycle, driving the sales and marketing ecosystem, and delivering a high-impact customer success journey for our revenue impact story.

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