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Welcome to DisruptionDialogues

DisruptionDialogues Podcast focuses on various upcoming disruptions that are changing the operating landscape of global businesses. According to MarketsandMarkets, these disruptions are expected to create new revenue opportunities worth US$ 25 trillion by 2030, replacing 50% of existing revenue sources with new ones. To survive these business disruptions, companies need to analyze their business processes and external environment to ascertain whether they are well equipped to rise to these challenges.

Our Podcast is designed to introduce the subject of disruption to growth-minded leaders who would share insights on a host of challenges being faced by a plethora of industries and the solutions being pitted to tackle them. It focuses on the various upcoming disruptions, such as sustainability, artificial intelligence, electrification of vehicles, renewables, digital health, robotic surgeries, etc., that are changing the operating landscape of global businesses

Meet Our Host Panel from MarketsandMarkets

Sarwant Singh

President (Europe) & CCO

Kaushik Paul

Managing Director, Global Head of Financial Services, US

Aashish Mehra

Chief Research Officer

Vinod Chikkareddy

Chief Customer Officer

Shwetha Surender

Vice President, Automotive & Mobility

Robert Outram

Vice President, Chemicals & Materials

Siddharth Saha

Sr. Vice President - Healthcare, Europe

Yamini Jain

Vice President, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Season 2

Season 2 takes a deeper approach to the disruptions with domain experts and explores the angle of the 5th Industrial Revolution and groundbreaking changes shaping the B2B economy. So, stay tuned with us as we continue to explore the uncharted territories of disruptions!

Future of Utilities with Thomas Birr from E.ON

Future of Utilities

Thomas Birr, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, E.ON, joins our host, Sarwant Singh, to discuss the 'Future of Utilities' and where we stand on our commitment towards achieving net zero carbon by 2050.

11 July 2023 | S2E1 | Listen Now

Future of Semiconductors

Future of Semiconductors

Andy Sellars,Chief Business Development Officer, Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult, and our host, Sarwant Singh uncovering the 'Future of Semiconductors'.

18 July 2023 | S2E2 | Listen Now

Decarbonization of Mobility

Decarbonization of Mobility

Lars Loewenstein, Senior Vice President of Siemens Mobility GmbH, Siemens, and our host, Sarwant Singh discuss the newest ideas, government actions, and industry directions that are guiding the transition to cleaner transportation options

8 Aug 2023 | S2E3 | Listen Now

Digitalization & Net-Zero

Digitalization & Net-Zero: Transforming the Chemical Supply Chain

Dr. Lars Kissau, President - Net Zero Accelerator, BASF, and our host, Robert Outram discusses on disruption on the decarbonization, the circular economy, and the hydrogen economy and how chemical supply chain is transforming.

30 Aug 2023 | S2E4 | Listen Now

Digitalization of Airport

Digitalization of Airport

Ilya Gutlin, Senior Vice President, APAC, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, and our host, Sarwant Singh discusses on how digital technologies could shape the future of airports

05 Sept 2023 | S2E5 | Listen Now

Digitalization of Airport

The Power of Data: Unlocking the Potential of Digital Energy

Simona Rossetti, Senior Vice President Region Europe and Africa - Gas Services, Controls and Digitalization at Siemens Energy, and host, Sarwant Singh discussed on how digitalization is reshaping the energy industry, as data takes center stage in ushering in a new era of energy.

12 Sept 2023 | S2E6 | Listen Now

Hybrid Workplaces & the Rise of Generative AI

Hybrid Workplaces & the Rise of Generative AI

Jeetu Patel, EVP & GM-Security & Collaboration, Cisco, and host Vinod Chikkareddy, Chief Customer Officer, MarketsandMarkets, discuss 'Hybrid Workplaces and the Rise of Generative AI'.

19 Sept 2023 | S2E7 | Listen Now

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