EUV Lithography Market

EUV Lithography Market (EUVL) by End User (Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) and Foundry Companies), Equipment (Qualitative), and Geography (The Americas and Asia Pacific) - Global Trend and Forecast to 2023

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[96 Pages Report] The EUV lithography market (EUVL) is expected to increase from USD 1.24 billion in 2017 to USD 10.31 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 28.16% during the forecast period.

Years considered for the study are as follows:

  • Base Year: 2017
  • Estimated Year: 2018
  • Projected Year: 2023
  • Forecast Period: 2018–2023

The major objectives of the study are as follows:

  • To segment and forecast the EUV lithography market in terms of value and volume by end-user and geography
  • To forecast the market size of the concerned segments with respect to 2 key regions—the Americas and Asia Pacific (APAC)
  • To provide detailed information regarding major factors influencing the growth of the market (drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges)
  • To analyze the micromarkets1 with regard to industry trends, prospects, and contribution to the overall market
  • To analyze opportunities in the market for stakeholders by identifying high-growth segments of the market and provide details of the competitive landscape for market leaders
  • To profile key players and comprehensively analyze their market position in terms of ranking and core competencies2  
  • To analyze competitive developments such as partnerships, collaborations, mergers and acquisitions, and product launches and developments in the EUV lithography market

During this research study, major players in various regions have been identified, and their offerings, regional presence, and distribution channels have been understood through in-depth discussions. To find the overall market size, top-down and bottom-up approaches have been used to estimate the sizes of other individual markets by using percentage splits from secondary sources such as Hoovers, Bloomberg Business, Factiva, and OneSource and primary research. The entire procedure includes the study of the annual and financial reports of the top market players and extensive interview of industry leaders such as CEOs, VPs, directors, and marketing executives for key insights (both qualitative and quantitative) pertaining to the market. The figure below shows the breakdown of primaries on the basis of the company size, designation, and region conducted during the research study.

Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUVL) Market

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ASML (Netherlands) is the only provider of EUV lithography systems and holds a monopoly in EUV lithography market. Some of the leading players involved in the advanced lithography market include Nikon (Japan) and Canon (Japan).

Target Audience:

  • Companies in the lithography market in the future
  • Companies involved in the ecosystem of semiconductor manufacturing
  • Key equipment suppliers of lithography systems
  • Key customers of semiconductor manufacturers in the fields of advanced packaging and microchip development
  • Government, financial, and research institutions, as well as investment communities
  • Analysts and strategic business planners
  • Research and consulting firms

Report Scope:

By Equipment:

  • Light Source
  • Mirrors
  • Mask
  • Others

By End User:

  • Integrated device manufacturers (IDM)
  • Foundry


  • Americas
  • APAC

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Geographic Analysis

  • Further analysis of the EUV lithography market for additional countries

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The overall EUV lithography market is expected to increase from USD 2.98 billion in 2018 to USD 10.31 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 28.16% from 2018 to 2023. The trend of miniaturization and reduction in process complexity and cost the factors driving market growth.

The market for foundry is expected to grow at a higher CAGR during the forecast period. Usually, the volume of wafer processing at foundries is higher than that at IDMs. The foundry has a wide variety of requirements to address different customers. For instance, TSMC (Taiwan), a leading pure-play foundry, holds the largest revenue for wafer fabrication. On top of that, the increasing demand for advanced packaging for miniaturized devices is expected to be the key driver for the adoption of EUV lithography in foundries.

The market in APAC is likely to account for the largest share in 2018. Major drivers for the rapid growth of the EUV lithography market in APAC are the growing number of wafer processing capability and increasing demand for miniaturized devices. TSMC (Taiwan), the world’s leading foundry acquiring more than 50% of the revenue, has started investing in the expansion of its wafer-processing capability and has planned to invest in EUV lithography. The foundry holds the highest number of wafer-processing capabilities than any other leading players in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUVL) Market

However, the high price of EUVL systems is restraining the growth of the EUV lithography market.  The high price of systems is mainly owing to huge R&D investments made for developing Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUVL) systems equipped with tools of high precision.

ASML Holding N.V. (ASML) (Netherlands) is the only provider of EUV lithography systems and is a monopoly in market. Some of the leading players involved in the advanced lithography market include Nikon Corporation (Nikon) (Japan) and Canon Inc. (Canon) (Japan). ASML has been at the top position because of its wide contribution to market share. The company develops various lithographic techniques such as Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUVL), Argon Fluoride Laser Immersion (ArFi), ArF Dry, Krypton Fluoride Laser (KrF), and I-line. At present, the company is the only supplier of EUVL equipment in the market. The company focuses on developing advanced and cost-effective semiconductor equipment to help create smaller and powerful chips. To create the significant value in its offering, the company designed a holistic lithography approach by combining scanner, metrology, and software together.

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction (Page No. - 10)
    1.1 Study Objectives
    1.2 Definition
    1.3 Study Scope
           1.3.1 Markets Covered
           1.3.2 Geographic Scope
           1.3.3 Years Considered for the Study
    1.4 Currency
    1.5 Limitations
    1.6 Stakeholders

2 Research Methodology (Page No. - 13)
    2.1 Research Data
           2.1.1 Secondary Data
           Secondary Sources
           2.1.2 Primary Data
           Primary Sources
           Key Industry Insights
           Breakdown of Primary Interviews
           2.1.3 Secondary and Primary Research
    2.2 Market Size Estimation
           2.2.1 Bottom-Up Approach
           Approach for Capturing the Market Size By Bottom-Up Analysis (Demand Side)
           2.2.2 Top-Down Approach
           Approach for Capturing the Market Share By Top-Down Analysis (Supply Side)
    2.3 Data Triangulation
    2.4 Assumptions

3 Executive Summary (Page No. - 23)

4 Market Overview (Page No. - 26)
    4.1 Introduction
    4.2 Market Dynamics
           4.2.1 Drivers
           Trend of Miniaturization
           Reduced Complexity and Cost
           4.2.2 Restraints
           High Price of EUVL Systems
           4.2.3 Opportunities
           Advanced Packaging Market
           4.2.4 Challenges
           Design Complexity and Infrastructure Readiness

5 Industry Analysis (Page No. - 31)
    5.1 Introduction
    5.2 Market Evolution
           5.2.1 Lithography Technology Comparison
    5.3 Supply Chain Analysis
    5.4 Process Flow Analysis
    5.5 Impact Analysis
           5.5.1 Suppliers Landscape
           5.5.2 Lithography Manufacturers
           5.5.3 Semiconductor Manufacturing
           5.5.4 Product Manufacturers
           5.5.5 End Customers
    5.6 Roi Analysis

6 EUV Lithography Market, By End User (Page No. - 41)
    6.1 Introduction
    6.2 Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM)
    6.3 Foundry

7 Geographic Analysis (Page No. - 46)
    7.1 Introduction
    7.2 The Americas
    7.3 Asia Pacific (APAC)

8 EUV Lithography, By Equipment (Qualitative) (Page No. - 53)
    8.1 Introduction
    8.2 Light Source
    8.3 Optics
    8.4 Mask
    8.5 Others

9 Competitive Landscape (Page No. - 56)
    9.1 Overview
    9.2 Ranking Analysis
    9.3 Competitive Scenario
           9.3.1 Product Developments and Launches
           9.3.2 Partnerships, Agreements, and Collaborations
           9.3.3 Acquisitions
           9.3.4 Investments and Expansions

10 Company Profiles (Page No. - 62)
(Business Overview, Products & Services, Key Insights, Recent Developments, SWOT Analysis, MnM View)*
     10.1 Key Players
             10.1.1 ASML
             10.1.2 Nikon
             10.1.3 Canon
     10.2 Key Suppliers
             10.2.1 Carl Zeiss
             10.2.2 Toppan Printing
             10.2.3 NTT Advanced Technology
     10.3 Key Customers
             10.3.1 Intel
             10.3.2 Samsung
             10.3.3 SK Hynix
             10.3.4 Toshiba
             10.3.5 TSMC
             10.3.6 Globalfoundries

*Details on Business Overview, Products & Services, Key Insights, Recent Developments, SWOT Analysis, MnM View Might Not Be Captured in Case of Unlisted Companies.

11 Appendix (Page No. - 88)
     11.1 Insights of Industry Experts
     11.2 Questionnaire
     11.3 Knowledge Store: Marketsandmarkets’ Subscription Portal
     11.4 Introducing RT: Real-Time Market Intelligence
     11.5 Available Customizations
     11.6 Related Report
     11.7 Author Details

List of Tables (20 Tables)

Table 1 EUV Lithography Market, 2016–2023 (USD Million)
Table 2 Lithography Technology Comparison
Table 3 Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUVL) Return on Investment
Table 4 Market, By End User, 2016–2023 (USD Billion)
Table 5 Market, By End User, 2016–2023 (Units))
Table 6 IDM Market, By Region, 2016–2023 (USD Billion)
Table 7 IDM Market, By Region, 2016–2023 (Units)
Table 8 Foundry Market, By Region, 2016–2023 (USD Billion)
Table 9 IDM Market, By Region, 2016–2023 (Units)
Table 10 Market, By Region, 2016–2023 (USD Billion)
Table 11 Market, By Region, 2016–2023 (Units)
Table 12 Market in the Americas, By End User, 2016–2023 (USD Billion)
Table 13 Market in the Americas, By End User, 2016–2023 (Unit)
Table 14 Market in APAC, By End-User, 2016–2023 (USD Billion)
Table 15 EUV Lithography Market in APAC, By End-User, 2016–2023 (Unit)
Table 16 Ranking Analysis of the Top 3 Players in the Next-Generation Lithography Market
Table 17 Product Developments and Launches, 2015–2017
Table 18 Partnership, Agreement, and Collaborations, 2016–2018
Table 19 Acquisitions, 2014
Table 20 Investments and Expansions, 2017–2018

List of Figures (37 Figures)

Figure 1 EUV Lithography Market Segmentation
Figure 2 Research Flow
Figure 3 Market: Research Design
Figure 4 Bottom-Up Approach
Figure 5 Top-Down Approach
Figure 6 Data Triangulation
Figure 7 Increasing Demand for EUV Lithography Year-On-Year Across the Globe
Figure 8 Foundry to Register A Higher CAGR in the Market During the Forecast Period
Figure 9 Market in APAC to Grow at A Higher CAGR During the Forecast Period
Figure 10 Trend of Miniaturization is Driving the Growth of the EUV Lithography Market
Figure 11 Manufacturing Cost Per Wafer for Different Types of Lithography
Figure 12 Comparison of Dram Processing Steps Per Layer By Lithography Technology
Figure 13 Evolution of Lithography
Figure 14 Evolution of EUV Lithography
Figure 15 Lithography Technology Development
Figure 16 Supply Chain: Market, 2017
Figure 17 Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUVL) Process Flow Analysis
Figure 18 EUVL Mask Process Flow
Figure 19 Total Wafer Processing Cost Comparison
Figure 20 Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUVL) Impact of Semiconductor Manufacturers
Figure 21 EUVL Break–Even Analysis
Figure 22 Foundry to Register the Higher CAGR in the EUV Lithography Market During the Forecast Period
Figure 23 Market in APAC to Grow at A Higher CAGR During the Forecast Period
Figure 24 Market Snapshot: the Americas
Figure 25 Market Snapshot: APAC
Figure 26 EUV Lithography Equipment Development
Figure 27 Companies Adopted Partnerships, Agreements, and Collaborations as the Key Growth Strategy Over the Last 5 Years (2014–2018)
Figure 28 ASML: Company Snapshot
Figure 29 Nikon: Company Snapshot
Figure 30 Canon: Company Snapshot
Figure 31 Carl Zeiss: Company Snapshot
Figure 32 Toppan Printing: Company Snapshot
Figure 33 Intel: Company Snapshot
Figure 34 Samsung: Company Snapshot
Figure 35 SK Hynix: Company Snapshot
Figure 36 Toshiba: Company Snapshot
Figure 37 TSMC: Company Snapshot

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