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Activated Carbon Market By Products And Applications (2011 - 2016) - Market Leader

Emission of mercury from coal-fired generators is a major environmental concern due to the toxicity associated with it. Countries such as U.S., Canada and other global regions are passing new regulations for limiting mercury emissions from coal-fired generators.

The demand for activated carbon market (AC) is expected to grow due to the new demand in mercury control technology for industrial air purification applications. Over the next several years, many U.S. industrial facilities including coal-fired power plants, clinker cement plants, and other facilities operating large industrial boilers will be required to meet stringent new emissions standards for mercury and other hazardous air pollutants overseen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The implementation of mercury removal standard by EPA is expected to be the most important factor driving the activated carbon demand.

Powdered activated carbon (PAC) is the major product type used in mercury control technology due to which its demand is expected to increase in the upcoming years. This is expected to generate new revenues for this product segment.

China emits more mercury than the U.S., India, and Europe combined. Much of mercury pollution in China comes from coal-burning power plants, which spew hazardous chemicals into the air and water every day. Currently, there is still a relatively big amount of mercury consumption internationally in China and there is a big gap between China and developed countries in terms of overall prevention and control of mercury pollution. Recently, China has taken necessary measures to restrict or phrase out mercury containing technologies and products which is expected to enhance the demand for activated carbon.

The European Union and countries such as Australia and Japan are also setting up programs in which the mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants are being monitored more closely.

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