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Quantum dots Market – Key New Revenue Pocket

Quantum dots (QDs) are semiconductor nano-crystals that possess unique optical properties including broad-range excitation, size-tunable narrow emission spectra, and high photo stability, giving them considerable value in various applications. The size and composition of QDs can be varied to obtain the desired emission properties and make them amenable to simultaneous detection of multiple targets. Furthermore, numerous ‘surface functionalizations’ can be used to adapt QDs to the needed application.

From the opportunity pockets stand point, it has been observed that QD LED and QDD are expected to get fully commercialized by the end of 2015-16, as there is a strong R&D going on in this field and in solid-state lighting. QD-based lighting is expected to be the best replacement to the currently available CFL and LED lighting, as this provides better efficiency and high power intensity. The research in this field is at the pilot stage and is anticipated to fully commercialize in the recent future. Quantum dots have a peculiar property to absorb maximum light luminance; hence, they can be used as a technology to provide better efficiency to solar panels. Therefore, QD solar cells and panels are expected to be the biggest revolution in the field of solar energy; and they are anticipated to be fully commercialized by 2016-17.

The overall market for QD technology is expected to grow at an estimated CAGR of 71.13% from 2014 to 2020, with the ‘Optoelectronics’ industry enjoying the largest market share. At present, the Americas are the market leader; but, by the end of 2020, APAC is estimated to take over the first position.

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