Energy Transition

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You may be aware that Energy Transition can transform the future ecomomy of major and adjacent Industries


Do you know Which, What, Where & How?

How foresighting will shape this Mega Trend and what are the future opportunities/implications to 2050?

What does future of Energy mean to your business and industry?

What elements of the Energy eco system provide opportunities for growth?

What are the business models that you can adopt to create success for your organisation?

What does Net Zero mean to your organisation?

Key Sub Trends/Drivers of the Trend

  • Growth of new energy sources like Hydrogen, Geothermal, Wave and others
  • Peak Oil and Future of Fossil Fuels
  • Race to Net Zero
  • Carbon Capture and Storage solutions
  • Development of Energy hubs e.g. Hydrogen hubs
  • New business models
  • Circular economy
  • Energy storage solutions

Future of Energy will be decarbonized, decentralized, digital and democratized, and possibly one day energy will be free. Decarbonisation refers to shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Decentralised in Energy sector refers to the growth of smaller on site renewable power generation solutions. Digitalisation refers shift from analog to digital solutions in the energy infrasctuture like smart meters, smart grids to real time management and processing of billions of data points to automate decision making to allow integration of diverse power generation sources. Democratisation refers to making energy accessible to everyone based on localisation of the solutions.

We in MnM believe that one day in the 21st century energy could be free and that will usher new disruptive business models and opportunities that are unique and very different from what we see in the world today. Protection Status