Personalized Healthcare

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You may be aware that Personalization of Healthcare can transform the future ecomomy of major and adjacent Industries


Do you know Which, What, Where & How?

How will this Mega Trend develop and what are the future opportunities / implications to 2050?

What sources of data will drive the future of healthcare provision?

What technologies will scale up to disrupt the industry?

What expectations will future patients have for their wellness needs?

What are the business models that will drive disruption in the industry?

Key Sub Trends/Drivers of the Trend

  • Quantified Patient
  • Virtual Care
  • Gene Therapy
  • Health Tourism
  • Nanobots
  • Frugal Healthcare
  • Precision Medicine
  • Predictive Healthcare
  • Medical Implants
  • Personalised Nutrition

The focus of future healthcare provision will be on personalization. As more data becomes available from wearable and digital devices, healthcare providers will be able to utilize AI and machine learning to personalize care for each patient.

The 'Quantified Patient' will become the centre of treatment pathways, will influence policy and regulatory bodies, and will mandate collaboration between technology, device and pharma companies. The future of healthcare is also more about overall wellness and about preventing disease rather than treating it. Protection Status