Innovation to Zero

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You may be aware that Innovation to Zero can transform the future ecomomy of major and adjacent Industries


Do you know Which, What, Where & How?

How foresighting will shape this Mega Trend and what are the future opportunities / implications to 2050?

What does I20 mean to your industry and your business?

How to create a net zero vision?

What are the business models that you can adopt to create success for your organisation leveraging I20?

How to develop, implement and benefit from an Innovating to Zero strategy?

Key Sub Trends/Drivers of the Trend

Zero manifests itself in diverse industries, our society and our everyday lives. In our work we track Zero across :

  • Zero in Healthcare like Zero diseases, zero waiting times, Zero obesity
  • Zero in our society like Zero Hunger, Zero Poverty, Zero Mal-nutrition in kids
  • Zero in retail like Zero carbon shops, zero design to shelves, Zero shrinkage
  • Zero in Industries like carbon neutral factories and net zero organisations
  • Zero in mobility like zero emissions cars and zero accidents
  • Zero also manifests itself in our buildings cities and even strategy for nations to be carbon neutral

Innovating to Zero is not a Mega Trend but a Mega vision. A vision of a picture-perfect world, a desire for perfection in our society, our businesses and in every product and service that we consume. A zero-concept world where there are zero crimes, zero diseases, zero hunger, zero deaths, carbon neutral buildings, cities, and net zero nations. Today, the Vision Zero World is all-encompassing, embracing manufacturing, retail, cities; individuals, corporates, governments; work, home, leisure; products, performance, processes. It is about a philosophy that pivots around safe, smart, and sustainable practices. Beyond the objective of achieving carbon-neutrality and net-zero, it is about consciously building a better world. A world free of errors, defects, and negatives. Protection Status