Marketplace Everywhere

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You may be aware that Marketplace Everywhere can transform the future ecomomy of major and adjacent Industries


Do you know Which, What, Where & How?

What are the opportunities/implications provided by expanding online marketplaces?

What will this mean for businesses, for societies and for the planet?

How could this trend open up new streams of revenue for your business?

What are some new business models that will emerge?

How will this trend impact your workforce and your customers?

Key Sub Trends/Drivers of the Trend

  • Platform Corporations
  • New Click n Brick Retailing Models
  • Integrated Omni-channel Marketing
  • Social Commerce
  • Last Mile Logistics
  • Digital Customer Journey
  • Customer Aggregation Platforms
  • Subscription models
  • Mid Mile Logistics
  • B2B Marketplaces
  • Re-commerce

eCommerce has been increasingly expanding beyond traditional online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. A diverse ecosystem of marketplaces is emerging and growing rapidly. For example, social media and messaging platforms like WeChat, Snapchat and TikTok are now also becoming ecommerce platforms, taking advantage of the huge value created by selling online. But online marketplaces are only just beginning to evolve. We will see new models and monetisation strategies, as well as more personalization to boost the overall customer experience. Marketplaces will evolve to integrate congitive product configurators, Metaverse, subscription models and CRM solutions in what will become a mega app for sales and customer life-cycle management. Protection Status