Advancements in 5G has led to multiple opportunities in the manufacturing sector, such as potential opportunity worth $22 Bn in Industrial IoT, $2.6 Bn in Machine Conditioning Monitoring, and $6.3 Bn in Industrial Machine Vision.

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Rapid Urbanization

Rapid urbanization has led to numerous opportunities in the logistics sector. Potential opportunities worth $14.7 Bn is opening up in Drone Logistics & Transportation, $2.5 Bn in Autonomous Last Mile Delivery, amd $16.5 Bn in Drone Inspection & Monitoring.

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The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the heathcare industry, creating lucrative opportunities worth $210 Bn in Telehealth, $130 Bn in Remote Patient Monitoring, and $99 Bn in Home Healthcare.

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Energy &


The energy & power industry is increasingly moving towards sustainibility, which is opening up potential opportunities worth $78 Bn in Hydrogen Generation, $25 Bn in Offshore Wind, and $67 Bn in Distributed Generation.

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Automotive &

Oil Crisis

Oil crisis is disrupting the automotive & transportation industry, creating opportunities worth $57 Bn in EV Battery, $33 Bn in e-Bikes, and $14 Bn in Electric Off-highway Vehicles.

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In the News

  • Tech Data partners with MarketsandMarkets to launch Market Intelligence-as-a-Service offering

    Published Date : 2/22/2022

  • MarketsandMarkets analysis says that a Potential Opportunity Worth $50 Bn is opening up in Genomics

    Published Date : 1/11/2022

  • MarketsandMarkets to hold its 2nd Edition of Augmented Reality Virtual Reality Crystal Ball Event

    Published Date : 1/6/2022

  • MarketsandMarkets announces its 2nd Edition of BioPharma Manufacturing Crystal Ball Event

    Published Date : 1/4/2022

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Press Releases

  • VSaaS Market worth $7.6 billion by 2027

    Published Date : 5/24/2022

  • Specialty Food Ingredients Market worth $196.2 billion, by 2027

    Published Date : 5/24/2022

  • Dental Laboratories Market worth $46.5 billion by 2027

    Published Date : 5/24/2022

  • Fixed-wing VTOL UAV Market worth $4,627 million by 2030

    Published Date : 5/24/2022

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Research Insights

  • ALTI UAS (South Africa), AeroVironment, Inc.(US) and Textron Inc. (US) are the Key Players in the Fixed-wing VTOL UAV Market

    Published Date : 5/24/2022

  • Dentsply Sirona (US) and Envista Holdings Corporation (US) are Leading Players in the Dental Laboratories Market

    Published Date : 5/24/2022

  • Market Leader - Optical Communication and Networking Equipment Market

    Published Date : 5/24/2022

  • Citrix systems (US) and VMware (US) are Leading Players in the Desktop Virtualization Market

    Published Date : 5/24/2022

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