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Chromatography Reagents Market by Type (Solvents (HPLC Grade, GC Grade), Buffers, Derivatization Reagents (Silylation, Acylation), Ion Pair Reagents), by Application (Life Sciences, Environmental Testing) - Analysis & Global Forecasts to 2020

Chromatography is a versatile analytical technique used to separate a mixture into its individual components. New international cGMP & cGDP certification for pharmaceutical excipients and growing food safety concerns are major factors driving this market. The chromatography reagents market is expected to reach USD 6.310 Billion in 2020 from USD 4.477 Billion in 2015, growing at a CAGR of 7.1%.

November 2015 $ 4950 selected

Prepacked Chromatography Columns Market by Type (1-100 mL, 100-1000 mL, >1L), End User (Academic, Hospitals, Cosmetics, Environmental Biotechnology, Food & Beverages, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals) & Geography - Global Forecast to 2019

The global prepacked chromatography columns market is segmented on the basis of type, end user, and geography. Based on geography, this market is segregated into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and rest of the world. In 2014, North America is estimated to dominate the global prepacked chromatography columns market, followed by Asia-Pacific and Europe. This report studies the global prepacked chromatography columns market during the forecast period (2014-2019). The market is estimated at $1.42 Billion in 2014, and is projected to reach $2.11 Billion by 2019, at a CAGR of 8.4% from 2014 to 2019.

July 2015 $ 4950 selected

Elemental Analysis Market by Type (Organic, Inorganic), Technology (Destructive (ICP-AES, ICP-MS), Nondestructive (XRD, OES)), Application (Life Sciences, Food and Beverage Testing, Environment Testing) - Analysis & Global Forecasts to 2020

The elemental analysis market is segmented on the basis of types, technologies, applications and regions. New international GMP and GDP certification ‘EXCiPACT’ for pharmaceutical excipients (North America & Europe), growing food safety concerns, increasing life science R&D spending, increasing use of X-ray fluorescence in medical research, and rise in use of Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) to aid the drug safety process are major factors driving this market. In addition, the elemental analysis market has witnessed various technological advancements to meet the needs of biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies; food and beverage, chemical, semiconductor industries; and environmental testing. The elemental analysis market is expected to reach $6.213 Billion in 2020 from $4.584 Billion in 2015, growing at a CAGR of 6.3%.

June 2015 $ 4950 selected

Surface Analysis Market by Instrumentation Technology (Microscopy, Spectroscopy, Surface Analyzers, X-ray Diffraction,), Industry (Semiconductor, Polymers, Life Sciences) & End User (Academic Institutes, Industries) – Global Forecast to 2020

The global surface analysis market has experienced substantial growth over the last couple of years. This market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% from 2015 to 2020. Factors such as growing focus on nanotechnology research, especially in the field of nanomaterials; increasing R&D expenditures of pharmaceutical and medical device companies; increasing use of surface analysis techniques in various industries such as semiconductor, energy, polymers, and life sciences, among others; and favorable government research funding are fuelling the growth of this market. The Surface Analysis Market Is Expected to Reach $3,989.7 Million by 2020

June 2015 $ 4950 selected

European Microscopy Market by Product (Optical (Fluorescence, Super-Resolution), Confocal, Electron (Transmission), Scanning (AFM)), Application (Semiconductor, Life Science, Nanotechnology), End User (Academic Institute, Industries) - Forecast to 2020

The European microscopy market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7.0% to reach $ 1,798.4 Million by 2020. Optical microscopy is the largest segment of the microscopy market. The electron microscopes product segment is expected to show the fastest growth during the forecast period. Key players operating in the microscopy market are Carl Zeiss (Germany), FEI Co. (U.S.), Leica Microsystems (Danaher Corp.) (U.K.) and Nikon Corporation (Japan).

May 2015 $ 4950 selected

Electrochemical Instruments Market by Product (Electrochemical Meters, Titrators, Ion Chromatographs), by Technology (Potentiometry, Coulometry, Voltammetry), by End User (Environmental Testing, Food & Agriculture) - Analysis & Global Forecast to 2019

The electrochemical instruments market is segmented on the basis of products, technologies, end user, and region. The global electrochemical instruments market was valued at $1,713.0 Million in 2014 and is poised to grow at a CAGR of 5.2% during the forecasted period. Some of the major players in the global electrochemical instruments include HANNA Instruments, Inc. (U.S.), Metrohm AG (Switzerland), Xylem Inc. (U.S.), METTLER-TOLEDO International, Inc. (U.S.), DKK TOA Corporation (Japan), Danaher Corporation (U.S.), Endress+Hauser AG (Switzerland), Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (U.S.), Yokogawa Electric Corporation (Japan), and Horiba Ltd. (Japan), among others.

April 2015 $ 4950 selected

Chromatography Accessories and Consumables Market by Types (Columns, Autosamplers, Vials, Detectors, Fraction Collectors, Pressure Regulators, Degassers), by Technology (LC (HPLC, UHPLC, Flash), GC), by End-users - Trends & Global Forecasts to 2018

The global chromatography accessories and consumables market is a technology-driven market where technologies as well as their adoption by end users witness a rapid change. This market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% from 2013 to 2018, to reach $3.5 billion by 2018.

December 2013 $ 4950 selected

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