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Hydrogen Business Challenges


Business Challenges encountered by Hydrogen Companies


Hydrogen Market opportunities and challenges

  1. What are the most lucrative Use cases for hydrogen? Which Use cases are willing to pay premium for Hydrogen in end use sectors such as Chemicals & Industry, Automotive and Aerospace/ Defense?
  2. When will the Hydrogen market reach parity with existing ICE/Battery technologies?
  3. How will the market for green hydrogen (GH) unfold in the next 5-10 years? Which regions/applications have the largest potential?
  4. Which are the top countries we should focus on? What are the key differences in market potential between developing and developed markets? What markets are most attractive for Hydrogen?
  5. What are the major challenges in scaling-up GH – technology readiness and cost, infrastructure, market off takers, financing, supply chain bottlenecks, policy framework, etc.?
  6. What are the opportunities for mobility and other industrial players in the GH space – zero emissions transport, clean power generation, industrial applications, energy storage, etc.?
  7. Do GCC and oil rich countries pose a threat or opportunity to Hydrogen Market? Will Saudi Arabia be a leader in Green Hydrogen and lead region’s transition from Oil to Hydrogen?

Technology landscape & cost economics of Hydrogen Industry

  1. Which technology should we focus on? Should it be green hydrogen, gray hydrogen, any other? How does it differ by region and application?
  2. What are the other competing low-carbon technologies to GH, such as batteries, CCUS, and renewable natural gas, that also offer opportunities to decarbonize the energy system? How should companies evaluate their RoIs?
  3. While the cost to produce GH is declining, but when should we achieve parity with the traditional route, and why? Will that be the inflection point?
  4. How will Hydrogen end use deployment take place? Will there be on-site clusters involving co-production? Which end use industries will adopt these clusters and what will be the supply chain model?
  5. How would hydrogen be integrated with end use applications particularly in industries such as automotive, marine, industrial and aviation?
  6. What are current and evolving hydrogen storage and transportation technologies? Which amongst these are the most cost efficient? How can we integrate them in our current supply chain?
  7. How does Hydrogen compare with other sources of energy on unit economics such as cost, price, power output, emission reduction etc? What would be the estimated total cost of ownership for various end use segments?

Hydrogen Market Business models/ collaboration/ investments/ policies

  1. How can we incorporate hydrogen in our broader objective of achieving net zero emission goals?
  2. What are the emerging business models across hydrogen generation, storage, and distribution? Which amongst these are proving to be techno-commercially attractive?
  3. How are stakeholders in the Hydrogen ecosystem collaborating with each other? What strategies are being followed by leading players?
  4. Which are the key companies adopting backward / forward integration, how are they achieving it?
  5. What are the current and future investments across the hydrogen ecosystem? How do they break down by technologies and use cases?
  6. How should governments and policy makers ensure creation of supportive and cost-effective policy frameworks for large scale deployment of GH?

Building a compelling Right to Win (RTW)

  1. What are the customer expectations on availability and accessibility, safety, cost, reliability & performance, and environmental performance, while adopting GH solutions?
  2. Should we enter new markets directly or through partners?
  3. How can we differentiate from top players? What is their right-to-win vs ours?

Hydrogen Industry Growth Opportunities

  1. Which industries need hydrogen?
  2. What are 3 real world uses of hydrogen?
  3. Is hydrogen the future or electric?
  4. What are the opportunities for green hydrogen?
  5. What is the future scope of hydrogen vehicles?
  6. Is hydrogen the future of energy storage?
  7. What are the key challenges facing a change to the hydrogen economy?


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